venerdì 13 maggio 2016

Travelling to Salento: a beautiful friendship with Ale and Bisbinto

Finally me and Ale succeeded to find a couple of free days from our busy and stressful working life in order to visit our friend Bisbinto. It's unbelievable how full is our lives, we almost travel around the world for 1 or 2 months a year, which is a great privilege, that's sure, but once we come back home, no time to visit anywhere of our wonderful country.
Me and Ale loved this very short trip because our generous guest showed us so many beautiful spots like Otranto with its huge mosaic made of 600.000 tiny pieces representing the Tree of Life, Santa Cesarea Terme and its Morocco style Sticchi Palace, Castro and it's pristine deep rocky coast or the lovely historical Brindisi city center not to mention the magic atmosphere of Lecce cathedral by night which was just breathtaking, something UNIQUE that everyone must see in his life.
The food of Puglia region is well known all around Italy but I could never imagine it could be so tasty, genuine at inexpensive from bread to mozzarelle, from the huge sandwich called Puccia to Cicoria and fave purè, from handmade orecchiette pasta to dry burley frisa bread.
However what will always stay in my heart is the magic and warming feeling I had admiring the Palascia lighthouse (on the eastermost tip of Italian peninsula), during a terrific sunset in the middle of wild flower carpet breaking into a rocky coast. I thanked God for our strong and good friendship hoping it will last forever. Thanks so much Ale and thanks so much Bisby, lets nourish our great friendship day by day.