sabato 24 dicembre 2011

Dream of the African departure

Some time ago I was reading an interesting article saying that the most exciting moment of a vacation is..BEFORE it starts. I immediately thought it was a nonsense, a silly idea, just impossible. How can it be true??? Well today it's the 24 of December, the day before Christmas (or "Vigilia di Natale"), my flight to Dakar will leave the 3rd of January and I am really so puzzled with those mix of feelings who make a vacation such an exciting and unforgettable moment of our life. In other words the author of the article was right! These last nights I just can not sleep well, everyday I buy new medicines, a water purifier, some plasters, a swiss knife, a mosquito repellent but every moment, yes even while I am sleeping, I ask to myself if these "homemade" first aid kit" would be enough or if I am overcautios, if I am going to overload my backpack against my recently adopted OneBag philosophy that rewarded me with such a confortable light bad in my last 2 travels to Thailand. As for Thailand no doubt that I miss and I will miss so much that smart, quiet, safe, relaxed culture. I'll miss all my nice friends (Vassana, Pornphipol, Ninja, Nui, ans so on) and their smile even in the worst moment. I'll miss those wonderful Thai massages and the great oportunity I could practise my little Shiatsu massage skills with locals who are used to be touched and manipulated while here in Italy (Europe?) even my parents, my closest friends are just scared to be touched by me.
However after a few years of doubts, fears, questions, dreams at open eyes in front of a map, I finally resolved to skip Thailand and Cambodia (I am so sorry Khonty) toward West Africa. I have so many questions; will locals assault me? will they be curious with an Italian Toubab? or maybe they will just be interested in my "argent"? Will their food be delicious and healthy?How many times will I catch an heavy "Montezuma Revenge" just not to mention the scaring Malaria risk...Whatever will be, I am so curious, excited, confused and let's say the truth; those few African friends just met in Italy (Yousufa, Ale, Modu from Senegal) or on the web (Brigitte, Justine, Marie Lucie) were so fine, friendly and helpful that I can not imagine so many Italians could do the same with an African friend. Going back to 11 years ago, I was experiencing the same feelings and fears a few days before my departure to Brazil. I heard so many bad stories of criminality and thefts and assaults, but after a while, picking up word by word some portuguese words, despite a few unpleasant stories I deeply loved Brazil and Brazilians, I learned how great was to live there, to meet such a solar people, to go out with friends, to listen to live Bossa Nova or Chorinho concert, to fall in love with the most charming women of the world. That's why I am looking forward this next adventure with no expectations but also with a positive and open mind attitude, who knows, one day I may talk with friends of an African dream that became real.

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  2. Stai bene tra le scimmie te.. la curiosita ti finirá quando ti becchi qualche mosca con la malaria. Hai la saudade e poi vai dai negri non si capisce cosa hai in testa, te lo dicono in molti ma non ti vergogni. Metti anche la vasellina tra i farmaci non si sa mai hahahahaha