sabato 14 gennaio 2012

The Clean Face of Islam

Last night I, Ale and Dyenova enjoyed the wonderful nightlife of Dakar. Almady is a quartier famous for its countless and often expensive discos and restaurants, pubs and bars. We decided that 3000CFA could fit our budget and entered Le Passio Disco. Good loud music, gigantic wardrobesize security men and as usual lot of pretty local women dressed up and sometimes accompanied by other Toubab. I had a short talk with Binette who I suppose was “working” there in search of tourists, in Brazil they are called “piranhas”. Then we moved toward the Centreville and tried La Scala, local owned by a french man, entrance free, not so many clients, some good local dancers, a few  etrangeres. Here I had a nice chat with Awa, a lovely bargirl who work almost every night until 5 or 6AM, her parents live and work in Thies, not far from Dakar. The following morning Ale gave me the opportunity to visit the sacred city of Touba, the heart of Mourism, religious movement connected with the Islamic Sufism. Touba, 1 million dwellers, growing 15% every year, is known all around the world and thanks to its devotes the huge mosque has been built with marvelous marbles coming from Italy and Portugal. No money has been asked nor given by the local nor nationals politicians. Touba has a special status, no douane controls can happen inside the city, the roads are astonishingly clean, where really NOONE starve. This mystical center attracting people from all Senegal, during the Magal, which celebrates the return home of the first Marabout, sent abroad by the French colonialists, can increase its population until 3 or 5 or 8 million (I was there and do believe me when I say I never seen before so much people) and contribute to the country eceonomy with several millions of CFA. What really impressed me is that the Marabouts are respected and devoted for their tolerance and hospitality and peace word they always teach, here the bad side of Islam is miles away, here are slaughtered too many cows and goats, not a nice spectacle especially on the corner of the streets, with the only purpose to feed all the pilgrims, here no one will have to sleep on the road because the doors of each house are open to the visitors, even more they will be given the best food and the most confortable bed. This is really the Clean side of Islamic world, Khadim, brother of Ale, is totally right.

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