domenica 22 aprile 2012

The beach of Saly

On our way back to Dakar we spent a couple of days in Saly (Mbour) which is one of the most touristic beach resort of Senegal. We spent a couple of days by the marvellous manor house of Ale: It's a huge, 2 floor  modern villa with a small but fine swimming pool and a big African style fresco covering all the front wall. He and his brothers furnished it with modern appliances and  confortable furniture brought from Europe. Despite all this modernity, his maid prepared us very delicious traditional meals. Saly is a quite small town with several hotels and resorts (one of these owned by the Chelsie football player Drogba), a beautiful sandy beach, some expensive restaurants and bars awfully located at few meters from the sea. I do prefer more natural and pristine places like Casamance, but no doubt that Saly has some interesting nightlife with discos crowded all the weekends and..many pretty Senegales girls. 

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