venerdì 25 gennaio 2013

Senegal nekh ngama

Here again, despite my mum and friends insistance that I changed plan, I returned in my beloved Senegal. This time with Mario, e new friend who was also a good buddy.
My plan was to come here with Ale but her cute small baby wanted like to spend a few more weeks in the cold Italian weather thus I finally spent these first 2 weeks with Mario.
It was a completely different vacation, so far we just visited saint Louis and Dakar but we loved to meet new friends and get new experiences. Last year Ale was a protector angel more than a brother while this year despite plenty of help and planning from Italy, we deeply entered in a new African dimension in the good and also bad side. As Ale previously explained me, I realized that in Africa a toubab is always considered a rich guy who can spend for himself and his friends, this principle is apply for almost any African man or woman, rich or poor, in fact Doctor Diof gave me a warm welcome to dakar by asking me 5 or 6 times more than a taxi would have asked me for the same trips to the airport, not enough he and his staff took us to a small inexpensive restaurant to have lunch and obviously to get their lunch paid. Often when someone take you somewhere you will be asked to pay for petrol; which is quite wierd in our culture anyway if you keep relaxed; understand their different point of view and learn from previous mistake you will gradually start to adjust and adapt to all these new situations enjoying every moment of your stay.
Since most of those local friends revealed unreliable or unefficient chaperons, I and Mario shifted to become independent travellers. In Sanit Louis campus we met a pretty and fine spanish speaking girl Magui as well as a lawyer student Nikolas who introduced us to Awa and other students, he took us to the cheap restaurant La Source where we had delicious and cheap faco brochette. Yet the nice student Marie Gaby took us to the gendarmerie to explain how Mario was stolen of his Samsung Galaxy Note in the market before SL bridge.
In Dakar too we met lot of new friends and step by step we started to filter the few good and honest ones from the mass of those who would have taken advantage of us only. Nicolas suggested that we go to Le Voyageur discoteque on fridqy night and it was a wonderful place to meet good friends being fed up with Le Patio or Yengoulem or Chez Willy filled with prostitutes, whereas Le Farou Beach was a disappointing spot for a saturday night, bad people and bad music. Doctor Julienne, a colleague of doctor Badiane, also a good friend of us, suggested The Castle nightclub as well as Just Four You, since she is a very kind and serious person I am almost sure that we can also enjoy those places.
Dakar is a very frantic interesting city and senegal, once you learn how to walk alone properly, is a fantastic country.

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