sabato 3 gennaio 2015

the way I experienced Indonesia

Just one day before my next trip to The Philippines I have finished to read the brillant, funny and interesting book of Elizabeth Pisani, Indonesia etc. and I would like to write a short essay from her epilogue because it matches so much with my 3 weeks travel experience:
"Like all Bad Boyfriends, Indonesia certainly has its downsides. The staff in the tourist office are spectacularly incompetent, it's true (and also utterly charming). The cops will try and shake you down every now and then, without doubt (but they will also steal your bike back when you lose the key, and drive you to the locksmith into the bargain). The government makes a habit of announcing  cataclysmic political changes with a minimum of preparation, certainly. But Indonesia's upsides, the openness, the pragmatism, the generosity of its people, their relaxed attitude to life, are ultimately the more seductive traits, and the more important."
No way to say that I should also thank all the Indonesians we met in our route for their kindness, friendship and generosity.

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