domenica 17 settembre 2017

A new Birthday has gone

One more and one more birthday has what?? Well a mixed feeling of becoming more mature???or just older but no problem, as far as another heavy, shattering, tense tourist season is gonna finish in a positive way, as far as God gives us a good health we must be happy and grateful and enjoy every second and every breath of this wonderful life. So what better way to celebrate it if not having a birthday lunch to Caffè Roma where a perfect and professional host like Walter and his marvellous cook Ramona prepared for a delicious fish meal with Tagliolini allo scoglio, mixed salad, fried fish, good white wine, caffè and a strong and scented mirto flavoured grappa.
I received so many lovely presents(T-shirts, shorts, books, after shave, and so on) but the very best one was the presence of my friends and my family. Pity that my aunt, cousins and daddy were not there, anyway these are really those moments which makes life worth to be lived ;-)

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