domenica 19 giugno 2011

Talat Naam

One of the first words of Thai language that I learned is "Talaat" that means market. It is not by chance because as it happens in almost all the countries of the world, the Market is the pulsing heart of a society. I came across my first Talaat, or better my first Talaat Naam (Floating Market),  in the suburb of Bangplee Yai (a suburb of Bangkok) near the wonderful, cheap and friendly Sanawan Hotel. I asked to the staff how to get there and in 15 minute walk after a chinese temple, a modern temple with its crematory chimney and a nice school filled with pupils I got into this old floating market. With my greatest surprise and disappointment this very nice wooden structure almost desert except a few open shops, however when I returned there the following saturday I discovered a new world, a swarming, colorful, noisy, happy, tasty Thai microcosmo. It was amazing to see so many tiny shops selling so many different items, from rat cages to old style post cards, from hand made hats to wooden carved Thai figurines. But no point to say that the best, the strongest part of this magic untourist market was its delicious food. I really got crazy like a child could only be, hundreds of different delicious spicy Thai and chinese specialities like Pad Thai(Thai-Style Stir-Fried Noodles),  Poo Pià (chinese round cakes), Pat See you (Large Thai noodle with vegetable and chicken), Khao Pad Khung (white rice with shrimps), Tod Man Pla (deep Fried fish Cakes) and many many many others delicious dishes. From that moment on, when I get to a new destination, my main target is to discover where the market action takes place and I "dive into this mixture of flavours and smells until I got drowned of pleasure. So far my favourite markets were this of Bangplee Yai and that of Ayutthaya, both of them keep their strong thai charm with so many nice locals and Thai tourists and very few farangs.

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