mercoledì 31 agosto 2011

Buon Compleanno Fa Buon Compleanno Fla

This shattering tourist season is going to finish exactly when I get next to my birthday at the end of August. It's always so weird to wish Happy Birthday to my twin brother Fabio and of course to receive his wishes and his presents. As usual it was a great, relaxing, quiet, and friendly party who had its start at 1am after we shut the shop. No need to say that Alessandro was a wonderful host with its delicious food from Aqualagna (Marche):ricotta with marmelade, prosciutto, salame, capocollo, small pork sausages and lovely white wine along with great artesanal Belgium Beer (Triple Karmeliet is my favourite). I got marvellous presents like after shave, underwear, a lovely blue pijama, a nice pen, a good bottle of wine, a nice photocamera (let's see if I got it stolen of if I lose it as for the previous 3 ehehe) and lots of beloved books...well I do believe that books reading is definitively one of the pleasures of the life, don't you agree with me??? However the most brilliant present I got is for sure the friendship (but also SMS and emails by those who could not be there the 26th of August) and the love received by all those who reminded of my/our birthday: brother's, shop assistants, cousins, mum, dad (his phone call arrived late but really welcome), friends and those 2 lovely little scoudrels of Martina and Elisa who fell in love with Mirkao the Harley Biker! I am now 40, not bad I know, however I can not find myself as a sad old guy, I still love my family, I still bear so many heavy and naughty clients (although I do dream a lonely desert island at the end of every summer a result!), I still am emotioned everytime I meet new folks or I visit a new country or I get into a new culture. Well it's probably time I start to think to have my own family as well as to my own little scoundrels otherwise I risk to be their grandad instead of their dad, the problem is to arrange a good, reliable, clever and young woman...being discouraged by locals better I search for a Thai or Russian or SouthAmerican one eheheh. As for my next trip I am planning to fly toward West Africa (Senegal, Mali, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast or Ghana) although I will surely miss so much Cambodia and Thailand along with its great food, wonderful massages and lovely people. Let me now put some Photos of this Birthday Party and its Protagonists. And thanks again to all of you guys!!!!

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