giovedì 23 febbraio 2012

Cidade de Bissau

As we arrived from ilhas de Bijagos we decided to spend at least the Sunday night and the following monday in this small capital. We bargained hard a triple basic room at Hotel Tropicana for 20000CFA and Carlo had to sleep on the floor in his sleeping bag. Behind the hotel we found a lovelt Tropicana Restaurant where we had a very good grilled fish and salad at a reasonable price, althoough it took almost 1 hour to get our dish ready. To finish the night along with Colin and Marc we spiced the night up at the...Tropicana Club that in a few hours was copmletely full of young Bissau Guinean Boys and girls. This old style "Bandiera Gialla" balera, with open garden and grilled chicken sold inside, was a lovely surprise. Good music, happy dancing locals, a good spot for the night (I was told also of Samura and Bamboo Club) I tried to chat with some of these girls, nice but absolutely not as beautiful as Senegalese ones, but most of them were quite shy or maybe they did not speak Portuguese language but only Criollo. The following morning, after a good butter, marmelade and baguette breakfast we all headed to Bandim market, which was very simple, poor and nothing special to visit nor to buy. We also searched for a few postacrds of Bijagos islands or Bissau Capital, but after 1 hour strolling around the old-style beautiful colonial houses, we lost hope and energy but found nothing similar to postcards nor nespapers. We then celebrated our farewell with Carlo eating a good meal at a tiny food stall at Bissau Garagem, a ring to Erika, met on the boat, then left Bissau to return to Senegal with a strange feeling that make me wish to return here again. 

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  1. Giusto in inglese dovevi scrivere perche se lo racconti in giro cosa combini ti cacciano da cattolica hahahah