giovedì 9 febbraio 2012

Praia de Bruss e praia de Escadinha

We rented a 5000CFA mountainbike by the KasaAfrikana and crossed the path that lead to Praia de Bruss on the other side of the island. This beach is really huge, lonely, wild and inhabited by ferocious sandflies. As usual we had been to pay attention not to step on a resting stingray (peixearey in Criollo). I, carlo, Colin and Goran had the beach all for ourselves. Yet not less fine and interesting was the bike trip to get there, we crossed a handful of small villages, we stopped to greet kids, to talk with young boys who were too far from the "nightlife" of Bubaque, we took photographs and first of all we breathed deeply every single smell and heard every single sound that God gave us as a present through this wonderful forest, we do really loved this excursion that started with the smoke and the noise of the Dia de Limpeza which is a day per month when all the pupils and also some adults clean, cut, and burn stubble and dry grass to keep the roads clean.
As for praia de Escadinha, it's a smaller beach closed to the town where Carlo has been stung by a stingray. Probably he adventured to the mangrove lonely part of the beach however since that frantic afternoon (he had good luck that the local doctorwas on the beach and gave him a fast and effective antibiotic cure)we entered the water with fearsome feelings. However saturday and sunday afternoons this beautiful beach was lively crwded with families, kids and teenagers playing futebol on the beach, the girls too showed to be good players, especially the nice 16yo Carla

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